Last DJ Standing


So a very well known & respected Austin DJ by the name of Abe The Assassin hosted and promoted The "Last DJ Standing" summer battle.
While Suite 101 in downtown Austin held the weekly event.
16 DJs were paired up and scheduled to battle to the death...well not exactly "to the death".
So anyway the first Round began in June and ending with the Championship round in August.
The battle was set up like this, 3 five minute sets per DJ, per round.
So you would battle a total of 15 minutes in each round that you advanced to.
Bringing each round to a total of 30 minutes with both DJs competing.
Are you still with me?
Ok so with 3 rounds, plus the championship, I battled a total of 1 full hour.
Preparation for each round was brutal!
Well after almost 3 months of weekly battles I won the "Last DJ Standing".
Special thanks to "TEAM LA.D.DA" | Bumsquad DJs and Yassine Ent.

Here is who I battled:
Round 1: DJ Dick Nickson vs. DJ LA.D.DA (6.15.11)
Round 2: DJ Anthem vs. DJ LA.D.DA (7.13.11)
Round 3: DJ MikeSwing vs. DJ LA.D.DA (7.27.11)
Championship: DJ KB vs. DJ LA.D.DA (8.2.11)

I hope you enjoy my "Last DJ Standing" Mix.
It has most of my routines and songs
that I used in all my battles this past summer.