33 revolutions per minute since day one

A young LA.D.DA getting his style right, January 1992. Always on the decks even if they weren't Techs. I've never spun on CDJs or mp3 players or any other gimmicky new gadget. Just some good ole fashion turntables...or as a young girl called them in 2008, "Spin Tables"....Haha! I been on Technics SL-1200 Mark 2 turntables since 1993. I still use my first pair nightly at Fuel. The SL-1200 Mark 2 series came out in 1979 and besides the number after "Mark", little has changed on this turntable. They're made like tanks! I currently own 6 of them today. Thank you Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (Now Panasonic Corporation) For this turntable.