Support Austin Emcees VOL 3

Back once again this month
is the new music series
"Support Austin Emcees"
If you haven't heard about this
series yet, it's cool because we're just on
our 3rd installment.
So there's not many volumes
to catch up on yet.
"Support Austin Emcees"
is meant to be a spotlight
on Austin emcee talent. This is not a
mixtape. I'm trying to showcase the
highly extreme skill level that
Austin rappers have. I hope
you all enjoy and see what Austin has
to offer the Hip Hop world.

Arson Optics - What's Happenin'
Gerald G - I Love My City
G. Clef - Angels
Roofie - Devil's in my Head
S Dot & Tuk Da Gat - Winner Circle
SIXXX - Needles


Any Austin rappers that would like to be apart of this series,
please submit professionally produced, properly tagged