I tend to make mixes simply for my own amusement.
The other day an idea struck me. I realized there was a mix concept that
had never been done before in the history of mixes!!
First off, There is this DJ edit style called a "Transition".
What it does is help the DJ seamlessly go from a certain BPM (Tempo)
to another BPM within a few seconds. Both, skilled producers and DJs make these
transitions and blast them out to all the DJs.
So I thought what if I just mixed Transitions for an hour?
Causing the tempo of the songs to go up and down, sorta like a
roller coaster...still with me?
Running the thought of this idea past my good friend DJ Bounz, he said
something along the lines of...
"I swear you do shit just to amuse yourself"
So here ya go! Although the average listener might not even
care or notice what's going on..
I just made this one for little ole me
and the Amusement park in my head.....